Powerful Natural Super Ingredients for Super Health, Wellness, Longevity and Quality of Life.

Powerful Natural Super Ingredients for Super HEALTH, WELLNESS, LONGEVITY and QUALITY of LIFE. All PROVEN Biologically and Scientifically to work for centuries.
* NOTE: The CDC, WHO and the GOVERNMENT will NOT recognize anything NATURAL, ORGANIC or HOMEOPATHIC for Health and Wellness Benefits. (Because of this they will never be taught in any schools.) 
Subsequently this is the reason for the continual rise in type 2 Diabetes related ailments which kills 4,200,000 people per year and rising. 
The CDC, WHO and GOVERNMENT will only recognize and promote SYNTHETIC DRUGS from major pharmaceutical companies that get you addicted and eventually kill you. 
* (Pay close attention to ALL the side affects and health warnings on their commercials.)
* Like all natural sources for health and benefits, the Molecular Structure of these Natural nutrients and compounds are duplicated Synthetically by companies to be able to put a Patent on them.
* Super Secret: Daily dosages of these Powerful 100% Natural Super Ingredients will give the “Ultimate Edge” over the “average” human being. – Keith Middlebrook the Super Entrepreneur Icon.
In no specific order:
1) Ascorbic Acid
2) Gensing
3) White Willow Bark
4) Green Tea Leaf
5) L-Taurine
6) L-Arginine
7) L-Lysine
8) Cocoa Bean
9) Turmeric – Possibly my #1 Favorite of all Super Foods & Nutrients. 
Turmeric’s Powerful Benefits:
Virus Deflector
Virus Prevention
Anti-Microbial Effect
Attacks & Kills Bad Bacteria
Attacks & Kills Cancer Cells 
Heals Wounds Fast
Controls Blood Sugar
Builds a strong Immune System 
Increases Libido 
Increase Sexual Performance & Stamina 
Female Tonic for Balanced Brain Chemicals 
Female Tonic to Stabilize Emotions
Improves Psychological Behavior
Improves Digestion
Improves Nutrient Absorption 
Improves Protein Synthesis 
Strengthens all Cells
Sharpens Memory & Clarity 
Prevents Tooth Decay
Strengthens Teeth, Bones & Cartilage 
Prevents & Treats Alzheimer’s Disease
Reduces Arthritis Systems
Reduces Risk Heart Disease
Reduces Symptoms of Depression 
Increases & Promotes a Longer lifespan,
Natural Painkiller
Reduces Joint Pain 
Reduces Stiffness 
Bone & Joint Lubricant
Reduces Inflammation in Injuries 
Increases & Speeds Up Injury Recovery 
Protects & Heals Lungs
Improves Skin Health
Restores Skin Health & Appearance 
Natural Skin Cosmetic
Regulates Cholesterol
Natural Detoxifier
Helps Manage Diabetes 
Detoxifies the Liver 
Balances Cholesterol 
Enhanced Digestion 
Regulates Blood Sugar
Most Powerful Brain Nutrient 
Improves Brain Function 
Improves Memory
Improves Concentration
Improves Cognitive Abilities
Increases Power & Capabilities of the Mind
Increases Power & Capabilities of the Body 
Increase Spiritual Connection with Universal Energy & Waves
and more……
10) Zinc
11) Vitamin D (Best source is from Sun Light conversion of cholesterol to Vitamin D and Bio-Flavinoids)
12) Garlic
13) Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt)
14) Ma Huang
15) Alkaline Water
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from Keith Middlebrook the Super Entrepreneur Icon.