Throwback Classic Video “Keith Middlebrook the Real ballers”, SLR McLaren, Ferrari, Bentley, Gulfstream Plane.

FACT: HBO’s “ballers” was stolen directly from Keith Middlebrook’s Life, Career & Domain while Keith was in production. developing “BALLERS”. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson portrays Keith Middlebrook in the series.

The Hit HBO TV Show “ballers” was written by “Entourage” Stephen Levinson based on Keith Middlebrook’s Career and Real Life. The Title was taken directly from Keith’s domain “Keith Middlebrook” online 10 years ago. Stephen originally met Keith on the set of “Entourage” of which Keith appears in 14 Episodes and earned his SAG/AFTRA card. Actor/Wrestler/Bodybuilder Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who was also born in Hawaii portrays Keith’s character in the show “ballers”. Synopsis: A 250 pound bodybuilder born in Hawaii Restores the Financials of Pro Athletes. Money, Beautiful Girls & Women, Exotic cars, Great Locations, Miami, LA, Las Vegas, Success, Fun, Situations & challenges ensue. Much more to come, stay tuned………

“Archived Classic Video Footage” Keith Middlebrook the real “ballers” from October 23, 2013 in Miami Florida at 10 Museum Park Biscayne Blvd.

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Keith Middlebrook at the garage of 10 Museum Park Luxury Condominiums in Miami Florida. 

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