Keith Middlebrook Entourage the Experience

Keith Middlebrook and Adrian Grenier on Entourage

Keith Middlebrook on 14 Episodes of Entourage Season 5 and 6

In 2007 I had donated $10,000 to a charity and won an “on set visit” to watch the filming of the HBO hit series “Entourage” needless to say I was excited. After a great tour of the set and being introduced to each cast member, at lunch break with Kraft services I ate Lunch with Writer/Producer Doug Ellin. I told him I had attended the World Premier of Entourage season 3, we talked about Entourage  and I had also let him know I had been on two Episodes of “Sopranos” and then……………..

More to come on this story!

Keith Middlebrook

Keith Middlebrook and Kevin Dillon Entourage

Keith Middlebrook, Jeremy Piven and Models on the Set of Entourage

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