Keith Middlebrook Created the Biggest Payday in Boxing History

Keith Middlebrook created the Biggest PAYDAY in Boxing and Sports History! I talked Floyd into $200,000,000.00 at a 60/40 Split and told him exactly how to get it. At the time he said his largest salary was $32,000,000.00 and he told me I was CRAZY.

This is the largest single PAY Period of my Life! – I am Grateful for my extraordinary talent and vision.

All the Details coming soon on how I did it! – Keith Middlebrook

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Keith Middlebrook and Floyd Mayweather, at the time his name was “Pretty Boy Floyd” which he changed to “Money Mayweather” for the reason of as an “Affirmation of Success”.
























Secret: Remove All negative naysayers from your circle, they are negative energy that will waste your time if you let them, the world is full of them, Just focus on your Written Goals and you have no limitations! – Keith Middlebrook


#KeithMiddebrook, #FloydMayweather, #FloydvsManny, #FightoftheCentury, #MannyPacquiao, #Success, #Entrepreneur, #Actor

Floyd Mayweather and Keith Middlebrook, October 2014, the “Meeting of the Century” that created the Largest #Payday in Boxing and Sports History for the “Fight of the Century”!