Keith Middlebrook, Keith Middlebrook Enterprise LLC., to start New Jet Company

Bentley, Keith Middlebrook, Lear 35, Citation II

A private jet charter sales company will be providing our clients access to aircraft charter, management and sales services for light, midsize, and large cabin jets worldwide, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Because the needs of the business and personal traveller have changed, your time is more valuable than ever. Many companies and individuals have found the need to charter private aircraft to increase their productivity and efficiency. The lack of convenience and comfort of airline travel has made travel by private aircraft a priority. Scheduling flexibility, convenience, safety, comfort and security are essential. At Keith Middlebrook Enterprise, LLC we understand the needs of charter clients, aircraft owners, and air carriers. We will be providing our services through exceptional personalized attention, high service standards, and competitive pricing. Whether your mission requires the capabilities of a multi-engine turboprop or a light, mid-size or large cabin transoceanic private jet, we will provide, through FAA and Jar Ops Certificated Air Carriers in North America, the perfect aircraft for your private flight.

Keith Middlebrook, Jet G4, Bentley


Keith Middlebrook Enterprise, LLC will be providing you access to private jet charter services worldwide. We will also be providing upon request a variety of concierge, catering and other travel-related services to make your trip even more comfortable and convenient.

Bentley, Keith Middlebrook, Citation III, Facon