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Keith Middlebrook, Jennifer aniston, Jenneifer Aniston, Keith middlebrook, Marley & Me

Jennifer Aniston and Keith Middlebrook at the” Marley and Me” Premier in Westwood Village Hollywood.

To all, For the Record:

Yes, I said Jennifer Aniston was the #1 hottest, sexiest woman in Hollywood. (I meant it the then, and I still believe it). I Never said Justin fantasized about Angelina, WTF?

Star Magazine called me and asked about an actor I had worked with on Iron Man 2 named Justin Theroux, their questions were about if I was familiar with alleged past drug use of heroin, cocain etc. My response was truthful in saying “after working with him It would be hard to believe, he’s too straight, too together, he would be the last person you would ever suspect to do any drugs period. ” Justin not only appeared as a cop in the movie ( he wore a mustache) but he also wrote the screen play for Iron Man 2.

If I am wrong and there was past drug use, he is living testimony that a person can get it together and succeed, because he shows no signs of any drug use at all.

I commented on his excellent, ripped condition on the film “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”.

Justin Theroux in my opinion is an all around good guy.

I did not receive ANY money at all for my response, not a dime. Some people tell me I am very successful, please visit and also

All Film and TV work is for fun. All funds from acting go to Charity.

I do the best I can to get on what I can only guess are the biggest films there are, watch for J. Edgar in December and also Iron Man 3 and Dark Knight Rises.

Gossip Cop has now taken the top spot on trash media. Based on assumptions they are now taking a personal and professional attack on me, my response has been the same and never changed from the very minute.

If you remember back on February 9th 2011, Lindsay Lohan was 26 minute late to a Felony Arraignment, had I not been there escorting her, she would have been arrested on the spot.  Using my resources inside the court and my legal team, this is what I do. But of course Gossip Cop and the internet media tried to slammed me.

Example: Someone sold my Amex receipts from Chateau Marmont to Star Magazine,  then Gossip Cop and all the Internet and tabloid Media tried to make me out to be a liar and enabler since Linsay Lohan had just gotten out of rehab. What is the big deal If I pay for drinks and hotel rooms for her?  What is wrong with that? I’m a guy! Also: A) Lindsay is an adult. B) She wasn’t wearing a s.c.r.a.m bracelet. C) I don’t care if she’s been to rehab, she’s been to rehab so many times she can teach rehab! D) It was safe and responsible drinking because no one drove! E) I love paying for drinks and hotel rooms for hot, sexy starlets;  F) I saw no reason to stop buying drinks; we were both having a good time. G) Most importantly, she looks incredible in high heels and a miniskirt! Yes, I’ll buy her anything she wants, why not?

Also recently concerning Gossip Cop and all Internet and tabloid Media: I Keith Middlebrook had recently publicly announced and guaranteed a well known celebrity starlet named Lindsay Lohan would not do 1 day in Jail on a felony charge and a 2nd probation violation, who already had multiple priors on her record. Radaronline, TMZ, all Internet Media, tabloid Media, and Shawn Holley all thought I was crazy, but when the smoke cleared, not only was I the only one right, amazingly I called it long ahead of time.

I wish them all the best,


Keith Middlebrook

Footnotes and Fun Facts:

I first met Jennifer Aniston at the Marley and Me Premier in Westwood Villiage in Hollywood, she was gorgeous  HOT!

I worked on the hilarious film Horrible Bosses which also starred Jennifer Aniston, however my scenes were in the office with Kevin Spacey and Jason Bateman.

I first met Brad Pitt at Jerry Weintraub’s Oceans 13 Premier at the Grauhmans Chinese theater, and then again at the Inglorious Bastards Premier Party and Angelina Jolie was present. (standing next to her, I couldn’t believe how incredibly thin she was. I thought to myself ” is that healthy?”

I worked with Brad Pitt on “Moneyball” and yes a few days Angelina and the kids were there at Dodger Stadium. (that’s all the media cared about)

On every red carpet or media interview I did for “Moneyball” the only thing the media cared about was Angelina Jolie and the kids.

In my opinion  “Moneyball”  is the greatest film Brad Pitt has ever done and I am proud to be  apart of  it.

Justin Theroux worked on “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” with Cameron Diaz,

I worked on Bad Teacher with Cameron, she’s funny (laughs a lot) and great to work with, she is also very sexy.

These are my opinions and mine alone.

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Keith Middlebrook

Keith Middlebrook, Brad Pitt, Inglorious Bastards, Harvey Weinstein. Angelina Jolie

Keith Middlebrook, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie at Mondrian Sky Bar, Inglorious Bastards Premier

Keith Middlebrook at the Inglorious Bastards Premier Party, to the right Brad Pitt and Anjolina Jolie.
Keith Middlebrook, Brad Pitt, Inglorious Bastards, Harvey Weinstein. Angelina Jolie

Keith Middlebrook, Iron Man 2 promo at the Teen Choice awards.