Keith Middlebrook Lindsay Lohan Star Magazine, cover: Jennifer Aniston’s Secret Lover Tells All!

On Page 47 of Star Magazine………

How it really is, below to: TMZ, Radaronline, Star magazine etc.

1) What is the big deal If I pay for drinks with Lindsay Lohan? WTF is wrong with that? I’m a guy! and also; A) Lindsay is an adult. B) She wasn’t wearing a s.c.r.a.m bracelet. C) I don’t care if she’s been to rehab, she’s been to rehab so many times she can teach rehab! D) It was safe and responsible drinking because no one drove! E) I love paying for drinks and hotel rooms for hot, sexy starlets, if I didn’t, I would be gay F) To stop the drinks would not only be gay, I would be c***blocking myself! G) Most importantly! She looks Incredible in High Heels and a Miniskirt!

2) I brought $15,000,000 in Independent Film finance to the film  “Escaping the Game” by Nathan Folks. I booked Lindsay at $7,500,000! (Her biggest Pay Day ever!) The following day Lindsay’s Management then proclaimed to my investors “Lindsay has nothing to do with the film and has absolutely Not signed Any agreements whatsoever with the film Escaping the Game”.

3) Lindsay Never demanded I wire 30 milllion into her account, it was Nathan Folks who wanted the money wired into his account or he would tell Lindsay to never talk to me again.

4) If paying for drinks and hotel rooms for a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous actress/model is torcher, and playing me like a piano, then chain me to the f****** wall and call me Beethoven!

5) It’s all good, realize your in Hollywood!

All the best to every one

Keith Middlebrook

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