Keith Middlebrook Paris Hilton the Power of Goals

Keith Middlebrook the Benefits and Power of Goals instead of the Negativity of the Mainstream Media. – Keith Middlebrook 

Keith Middlebrook aka the Real Iron Man explains the importance, benefits and power of staying focused on Goals instead of allow yourself to be distracted by the 24/7 consistent daily Negativity of the Mainstream Media. Example it wasn’t Lehman Brothers that caused the 2008 crash it was the The Mainstream Media who loves to destroy happiness, growth, economies, businesses, companies, families and lives with their misleading fake / false news. They created the F.E.A.R (Fake Entertainment Appearing Real) which scared millions of Investors and caused them to withdraw their money all at the same time which then caused the recession. They do this all the time and they love it.

* I have learned so much from the career and brand of my legendary friend Paris Hilton. – Keith Middlebrook

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