Lindsay Lohan, beyond the beauty – Keith Middlebrook

I called and told a friend today: while getting dressed, I vaguely overheard some one being embarrassed in the media for stating  “Stop Projecting Negativity,  Think Positive and pray for peace! I told them whom ever that was, they hit the nail on the head and pin pointed not only the solution but also the prevention from the start. I asked who it was and they said it was “Lindsay Lohan”. I couldn’t believe them until I checked for myself. But sure enough………….and again upfront, most won’t like this response, but I don’t care.

Lindsay is more right than ever, and in more ways than one.

I am going to start this with: most people can’t handle the truth.

I know the media and most people do NOT like to think (aka brain damage), but lets examine for a moment, shall we?:

Your brain according to medical science operates on electrical impulses

A single mind using the power of electrical brain waves can bend a spoon made of metal.

A single mind using the power of thought, vision, and electrical brainwaves can slow a heart ( which also runs on electrical impulses ) to 4 beats per minute.

A single mind “entered into the correct beta state of super-consciousness , without distraction” can walk on a bed of molten coals. (and Yes I am aware of Tony robbins recently, but it has also been used as a tribal celebration and as spirit awareness and power for centuries before him using it to prove a point in seminars with millions of people all over the world for the last 30 years)

Your Cell phone can send your voice, a text, or even a photo from California, to New York or London without being attached to a wall, a cord or even each other, on waves you can neither see, feel, or touch. Your brain operates in a similar wavelength. Have you ever called some one across the state, nation, or world only for them to proclaim: “that’s so weird, I swear I was just dialing your number when you called”? If you think this is just coincidence, I urge you to listen to a cd or study Einstein, Dr. Dennis Waitley, Dr Wayne Dryer, Brian Tracy, Wallace D. Wattles, Tony Robbins, Quantum Physics etc. to name just a few.

The Bible states and declares (Clearly), in scripture without hesitation:” Whatsoever ever a man shall thinketh, so shall he become”. This statement changed my life and many others of course, after studying and finding out it was common denominator between ALL successful people, leaders, teams and nations  and is also the difference between winners and losers. Example: if I train myself like a muscle to control my visions and thoughts, then I can control my life (and more).

Even with today’s advancement in nutrition, vitamin supplementation, technology and medical science: The greatest minds are telling us, as much as 90% of all  ailments are “psychosomatic” and are actually creating a medical industry in the “trillions of dollars”.  Example: people are actually thinking themselves into an ailment that just so happens to now “qualify” as a “disease” to warrant a “prescription” from a “doctor” and is able to be “billed to an insurance company”. Get it?

All while the media which”thrives and amplifies” whats known as  “Negative Sensationalism” such as (Massive Job Loss, Disease, Hurricanes etc.) and thus creates a pandemic out cry of psychological negativity turned reality (more on this later).  Don’t believe me? Watch almost any news channel and see for yourself. Worse yet let your brain and spirit ingest this negativity right before you go to bed like most people do, and see what happens to your own life.  Worse yet these people have been known  to procreate generation after generation of the same kind of people using the same thought process, until some one dared to think differently. Example: my family and me. *I have educated and warned my daughter of this since she was 5 years old (people who watch the news end up living the same dismal paycheck to paycheck life, all while blaming everything around them forever).

Lindsay Lohan for the first time in her life “states”  the Powerful words that needed to be said: “Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace”.   

What if?  100,000,000 (100 Million) people on the east coast dared to enter a deep state of tranquility also known as “Peace” through the Conscious, Sub-conscious, and Super-consious mind also known as “Prayer” and then the same 100,000,000 people then focused on the same vision of the same thing at the same time, and thought the same thoughts at the same time?

According to some individuals like Buddha, Gandhi, and the Master of ALL Jesus Christ. Masses  have Prayer power that is Universal (as in the Universe) and “Limitless” to even control things controlled by magnetic or (electrical) pull such as the moon which controls the tides and the massive pressure induced winds and tides called “Hurricanes”.  – Keith Middlebrook October 29, 2012

All this being said, Hurricane victims greeted with statements like “are you ok?” and “pitty” , do absolutely nothing. However Instructions such as “Stop Projecting Negativity,  Think Positive and pray for peace, (peace, as if you already have it) actually changes your immediate state and also your future. This Profound and powerful statement I use and exercise everyday ( and I wish it could have told to me in school and my own house growing up) changed my OWN life and immediate surroundings, and is especially needed in these cases, but is also been proven a powerful preventative measure to begin with! Leave it to the media and who thrive on “Negative Sensationalism” to try and belittle such a thought, sadly some or even most these people graduated somewhere from a school of “make you to believe higher learning” and have a profound impact on people to not only elect the wrong president at the worst time but actually convince them to lead a dismal “paycheck to paycheck” lives like their own. These people with such degrees “of higher learning” ask me for jobs everyday.

*Yes, I admit I am attracted to the gorgeous, stunning, beauty of a woman and I make no apologies for it. But when I first met Lindsay 6-7 years ago, outside of Hyde Nightclub. After a sweet meet and greet, she had put me in her phone as Keith Yellow Lambo, I told the security who said I should meet her, I think there is a lot more to her than everyone realizes, and of course later I found out I was right. Respectfuly – Keith Middlebrook

*Lindsay Lohan’s statement concerning the Hurricane “sums it up just perfectly with the most constructive thing that could have been said” and is far beyond anyone else in true insight to both prevention and solution. For anyone to say it was “insensitive” is ridiculous and that person is obviously thoughtless and uneducated. Respectfully – This is just MY opinion – Keith Middlebrook

*Lindsay doesn’t need rehab, she is the deserving recipient of “The Lifetime Achievement for Surviving people she is surrounded with” Award. Respectfully – Keith Middlebrook

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Lindsay Lohan at Chateau Marmont.

*Could the “Stress” (Negative Electrical Mental impulses) of 100,000,000 people in a nation with 14.8%  receiving unemployment and welfare right before the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays? LOL! I thank god I choose not to rely on the President, Congress or the Economy for my income stability. this is just MY opinion – Keith Middlebrook

*If you think Hurricane Sandy is devestating wait until you witness and feel the financial “shit” storm caused by the media and these people with these “degrees of higher learning”, LOL!. – Keith Middlebrook