Keith Middlebrook Linsday Lohan Shawn Holley and the Main Stream Media

Keith Middlebrook Consultant to the Pros

Shawn Chapman Holley met with the DA and the Judge several times to negotiate a Plea Bargain which included an admission of Guilt and between 3-6 months of Jail Time for Lindsay Lohan. The decision to just “give up” was also an opinion commonly shared with the mainstream media outlets (just review all Internet, Print and TV media since the assumed guilty incident). Shawn Holley with out reveiwing my background (of handling the private matters of the biggest high profile pro athletes in the world) also blasted me to radaronline as “Mr. Middlebrook has nothing to offer”, and the media went with it. Even Mike Walters of  TMZ in a private  interveiw, respectfully asked how could I dare question the the brilliance of  Shawn Holley and her recommendation to take the guilty plea and jail time.

After I broke it down and explained the process and plan of attack, she understood and then It was LINDSAY who appointed me as her “Legal Consultant” and wanted me by her side on March 10.

After myself and my legal team, in extreme detail, examined to exhaustion all the evidence concerning and surrounding the case and the implied probation violation, the conclusion was that with mysellf and my legal team, Lindsay has a winnable case and included would be no probation violation and als avoid any jail time, a bold statement of which I am still ridiculed. But considering Many of my clients have asked me to consult on much worse scenerios for example: one ran on a marker over $1 million, another caught with enough drugs to be considered felony “intent to sell”, another domestic violence, DUI, etc. and again Probation, classes, no jail time and many times even dismissed. Then of course you must totally change their thought process and psychology with counseling so it never happens again!
It was I Keith Middlebrook after many meetings with Lindsay in person, phone calls, texting, and emails convinced her “absolutley do NOT accept the plea bargain offered”

On February 9th the Judge said Lindsay would Definatelly go to jail, and “proof” of my work so far was on March 10 the Judge didn’t even mention the word Jail and said “IF” there was a probation violation even when we arrived LATE. His Attitude totaly changed as if that was just a “coincidence”.
Maybe, just maybe I might know what I’m doing.

The Next step: With close examination as seen in the Pre Acadamy Award weekend Videotape (exempt of an audio track) the court will withdraw the case shortly after all of the evidence finally comes out about the Jewelry store. They were getting ready to close and it is obvious without a shadow of doubt that they did this for publicity and to sell the video and sell the Necklace.
Concerning the accusation of a possible probation violation – As I told Mike Walters of  TMZ three weeks ago, I am now working with a Chemical Engineer, a retired District Attorney, and three of the best attornies in the Nation, compiling evidence involving all matters proving “legaly- by admisable evidence” there was no probation violation concerning the Kombucha drink containing  fermented  tea with a natural alcohol level less than .o5%, not enough to qualify in California as a legal taxable alcoholic drink or set off the SCRAM bracelet.

If I, Keith Middlebrook and my “Super” team are in charge, the case and assumed probation violation will be Dismissed and save the tax payers a lot of money!

Stay tuned

*Not being bound  with a liscense in any ONE state or being restricted as an officer of the court allows me to navigate, consult and compile a much Broader pool of talent, resources and relationships. Resulting in master strategies to win (meaning no jail time or thrown out altogether) instead of dealing with one attorney with an ego, psycho sclerosis or limited resources.
*Keith Middlebrook is the Director and Consultant of his Legal Division for Pro Sports Capital Management LLC with a proven track record of handling personal matters for High Profile Athletes and Entertainers with strict confidentiality, and has NEVER claimed to be an attorney. However, vast resources and relationships have enable him compile a Legal “Super” Team second to none, resolving most cases with probation and classes only with no jail time and some even dismissed. Mr. Middlebrook is available by refferal only.

Respectfully to everyone,
Keith Middlebrook
President – Pro Sports Management LLC

Lindsay Lohan arrives to the airport court house with Keith Middlebrook by her side.