Keith Middlebrook statement to Nathan Folks “Escaping the Game” and Shawn Holley

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Keith Middlebrook Consultant to the Pros, arrives at the Santa Monica Airport

Nathan Folks approached me to be Executive Producer (basically come up with the Money, $15 Million Dollars) for the 4th time in 6 years of his film “Escaping the Game”.

It came with a few exciting challenges;

Catch 1) Raise $15 million according to meetings and emails for the incredible film “Escaping the Game”. This figure changed to $30 million over night, which I found out by reading  

Catch 2) Raise the money for the film in spite of the fact that the main star of “Escaping the Game “, Lindsay Lohan, has NOT yet signed a Letter of Commitment (LOC), Letter of Agreement (LOA), or even a Letter of Intent (LOI). Without any of these it is very difficult to convince an investor of the validity of the project and the security of their investment.

Catch 3) Nathan requested that I use all MY legal resources and contacts, the very ones I use to keep my pro athletes out of jail, with the main Star of the Film Lindsay Lohan. As I said before, after myself and my legal team examined all the evidence concerning and surrounding the case, the conclusion was that with mysellf and my legal team Lindsay has a winnable case and included would be no probation violation and avoid any jail time. Nathan Folks, at this stage of my involvement, said to me “Oh by the way Keith…I need you to pay for ALL legal costs for that outcome”. My answer was “Fine”. Many of my clients have asked me to consult on much worse for example: one ran on a marker over $1 million, another caught with enough drugs to be considered felony “intent to sell”, another domestic violence, DUI, etc. and again Probation, classes, no jail time. Then of course you must totally change their thought process and psychology with counseling so it never happens again!

*Not being bound  with a liscense in any ONE state or being restricted as an officer of the court allows me to navigate, consult and compile a much Broader pool of talent, resources and relationships. Resulting in master strategies to win (meaning no jail time or thrown out altogether) instead of dealing with one attorney with an ego, psycho sclerosis or limited resources.

They also included and I say this RESPECTFULLY, I MUST work with Shawn Chapman Holley who, on our first meeting claimed a 103 degree fever, and went to a meeting instead for a Plea Bargain that included Jail time, (Its always fun to work with an attorney using “Standard Operating Procedure” and ready to throw in the towel), all while claiming to the media “Keith Middlebrook”, myself who takes care of the biggest Pro Athletes in the world has nothing to offer, which for example on February 9th in stern voice to say the least, the Judge said Lindsay would Definatelly go to jail, and proof of my work on March 10 the Judge didn’t even mention the word Jail and said “IF” there was a probation violation EVEN when we arrived LATE. His Attitude totaly changed, as if that was just a “coincidence”.

Maybe, just maybe I might know what I’m doing.

Mistakenly Nathan Folks accused the LAPD of “Foul Play” when all they did was make a report as requested.

Most Importantly I have Receipts signed by Lindsay that say “Keith Middlebrook Legal Consultant”, signed Lindsay Lohan, for Meals, Drinks, and Hotel bills as expenses for the process of which I have no problem with. After I broke down and explained the Process and plan of attack, It was Lindsay who said your my Legal Consultant.  

Catch 4) During all these Blindsiding Opportunities, come to find out my job also was to fund $200,000.00 upfront to Producer Nathan Folks in “developement money” with still NO ONE COMMITED to the film. He forgets so easily over the last few years since I’ve known him I have loaned/given him at $300 to a $1000 every month, that adds up to well over $30,000 cash transfer to keep him alive, of course with him responding “thank God your a lifesaver”. On Wensday night the 16th he said he needed $30,000 cash immediately to do things like move into a new Penthouse in Beverly Hills Etc., or else I was off the Film, of course still no Lindsay Lohan or anyone else attached to the film. Of course during this exciting process I was using my Black Amex to pay for for all meals and drinks at the finest resturaunts in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Chateau Marmont, Katsuya etc. some meals at over 300 dollars, of course I always picked up the Tab. I asked other producers, is this common funding procedure? Would Jerry Bruckheimer or Steven Speilberg fork over an additional $30,000 cash overnight still with NO ONE ATTACHED?

You be the Judge

I wish everyone the Best, Success and nothing less


Keith Middlebrook.    President – Pro Sports Capital Management LLC.

*Keith Middlebrook is the Director and Consultant of his Legal Division for Pro Sports Capital Management LLC with a proven track record of handling personal matters for High Profile Athletes and Entertainers with strict confidentiality, and has NEVER claimed to be an attorney. However, vast resources and relationships have enable him compile a Legal Team second to none, resolving most cases with probation and classes only with no jail time. Mr. Middlebrook is available by refferal only.

Keith Middlebrook Consultant to the Pros.

Keith Middlebrook Consultant to the Pros.

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