Lindsay Lohan News- Keith Middlebrook Statement

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Lindsay Lohan and Legal Consultant Keith Middlebrook arrive at the Airport Courthouse to File a Continuance instead of Jail time Plea bargain at Middlebrook’s recommendation.

Hi, my name is Keith Middlebrook, I would personally  like to make a statement: “The LAPD is in no way shape or form guilty of ANY foul play, they unselfishly put their lives on the Line everyday for the safety, well being and protection of all citizens in the toughest city in America, I am proud of their service to the community”. Nathan Folks implying that the LAPD was involved in any foul play even in a “what if” circumstance concerning this case is completely absurd. – Keith Middlebrook.

Also, from Hollywood to her home in Venice, I have spent many hours over days with Lindsay and I can personally attest she is Focused and committed to Career, Sobriety, fitness, Family and Global Charitable Contributions. She is currently in New York with family.

*Lindsay Lohan has PERSONALLY requested Keith Middlebrook, President of Pro Sports Capital Management LLC, Director and Consultant of a Legal Team who handles personal matters discreetly and with total confidentiality for the biggest Pro Athletes and Entertainers in the World as Legal Consultant/Strategist. Ms. Lohan has asked Mr. Middlebrook to work together with Shawn Hollie to get Ms. Lohan out of this horrible fabrication of a crime. Weather they can work together remains to be seen. Example: Shawn Holley (pro bono) had possibly recommended her to accept a plea bargain which included jail time, at the advise of Keith Middlebrook and his Legal Team it was definately recommended do NOT except plea bargain.

Based on the facts, after careful review, Mr. Middlebrook has stated and said that Ms. Lohan will not have any jail time or have to have any classes concerning the matter of the Necklace. With close examination as seen in the Pre Acadamy Award weekend Videotape (exempt of an audio track) the court will withdraw the case shortly after all of the evidence finally comes out about the Jewelry store. They were getting ready to close and it is obvious without a shadow of doubt that they did this for publicity and to sell the video and sell the Necklace.

Concerning the accusation of a possible probation violation – Mr. Middlebrook is now working with a Chemical Engineer, a retired District Attorney, and four of the best attornies in the Nation, compiling evidence involving all matters proving “legaly- by admisable evidence” there was no probation violation originally brought on by the Necklace accusation

*Keith Middlebrook is the Director and Consultant of his Legal Division for Pro Sports Capital Management LLC with a proven track record of handling personal matters for High Profile Athletes and Entertainers with strict confidentiality, and has NEVER claimed to be an attorney. However, vast resources and relationships have enable him compile a Legal Team second to none, resolving most cases with probation and classes only with no jail time. Mr. Middlebrook is available by refferal only.

Keith Middlebrook,      President – Pro Sports Capital Management LLC.




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