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Keith Middlebrook Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan.

In light of some confusion on the role I have played in Lindsay Lohan’s case and the claims by Star Magazine about my supposed telling of her “Relapse” and “Booze filled nights”, I want to set the record straight on a few points.

In the case of Lindsay Lohan’s stolen necklace case I felt it my fiduciary responsibility to inform her, as my client, of the possible consequences of actions in court regarding whether she would accept a plea deal or not. I am not an attorney who is restricted as an officer of the court,  rather as President of Pro Sports Capital Management LLC I have a legal Division , which includes a former Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles, a retired Criminal and Civil Investigations Supervisor from the FBI and 4 of the most Successful Attorney”s in the country, whom I gather for the best legal advice and strategy for Lindsay.

I told Lindsay not to accept a plea deal, Lindsay was not blind sided,  not only did I tell her, I even have record of a text from myself  to Lindsay on April 3, 2011 that stated “Lindsay, a felony reduced to misdemeanor is still an admission of guilt and will result in automatic probation violation, which means jail time. My plan is dismissal of your case entirely”.  At the time, Lindsay followed my advice and chose not to take a plea deal on March 10.

Special Note* Form of Payment for my services was still to be discussed.

However, because of the recent misrepresentation of Star Magazine, which claimed I stated that Lindsay had relapsed again, Lindsay chose to beleived I actually said those things and the path went exactly as I said without myself and my team in charge. Lindsay has chosen to follow the council of her attorney Shawn Holley and of course this means Jailtime, Community service and Probation Violation as I warned.

Lindsay is extremely talented as an actress, and with perseverance and strong support group around her she will come out on top of all this.

On a lighter note, I find it ironic that I was informed about a month and half ago of the Film “Gotti: three Generations” by my Manager “Miller” who recommended it to me and said I would be perfect in the film as one of John Gotti’s men. He was informed of the film at the pre-production stage when funding was being put together for the film. I am excited for Lindsay as she will be portraying “Kim Gotti” in this Epic Mob Drama with one of my favorite actors John Travolta (Get Shorty, Swordfish, Pulp Fiction, Face Off etc.)

Special Note* My Capital Group Investors contacted Lindsay’s Management of which they stated Lindsay has absolutley NOTHING to do with Nathan Folks Film “Escaping the Game”. Of course this was completely embarassing and all Investors walked away wanting nothing to do with Nathans Folks Film and also meant this film was nothing but a con to deposit $34,500.00 into Nathan Folks account per month until the film was funded.

Special Note* Nathan Folks has a friend who works at Radaronline who will post any statement he wants and Nathan had them state to the world “Escaping the Game” was Lindsay Comeback film, and of course they did.

Lindsay gave high praise for her current acting idol: Angelina Jolie-Pitt, not for just her amazing acting talent but also her efforts world wide and abroad helping with children and those less fortunate, experiencing  unbelievable challenges.

As I said before, her focus is on film making and doing the best acting  job possible for any film.

To Lindsay all the best of Success and Nothing Less.

Keith Middlebrook

Entreprenuer Keith Middlebrook

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