June 16, 2024


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The Keith Middlebrook Foundation now has its own website back up (under construction) check daily for updates:

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My Foundation was started in October 2010 My Goal is to Save all Dogs, Horses, Dolphins, Elephants, Rhino’s, Birds, Respect for all Animals, Habitat and Children.

I believe in helping those in need. I am on a Mission.

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I use MY: Work, Drive, Passion, Energy, Celebrity, Promotions, Resources, Brand, Companies, Social Media and Enterprise to Help them.

Please take a moment and visit theses charity websites that I strongly support and see how you can help these amazing lives who are less fortunate and spread the blessing or prosperity to those who need Help in life or are in desperate need of Saving, Healing & Resources.

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*Special Thanks to President Donald J. Trump for being the First President in History for making it Federal Crime for the Mistreatment of Dogs and Horses which includes a fine of $275,000.00 The Mainstream Media will not tell the American People the real Truth.

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It was a great time hanging out with some of the greatest pro athletes in history.

More to come

Keith Middlebrook

The Charlie Joiner Spirit Awards, which benefits Skill Centers of America College and Preschool, and 20 high school graduate scholarship recepients recieving scholarships in the amount of 1,200 was held on Friday, June 24th.  It was a fun, exciting and memorable event of celebrities and Americas finest athletes; Jim Weatherly, Evander Holyfield, Ted “The Stork” Hendricks, Lance Zeno, Henry Tillman, and Junior Seau to name a few.

Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Evander Hollyfield and Keith Middlebrook.

Keith Middlebrook and Lance Zeno, Center for the Green Bay Packers who snapped to Brett Favre.

Keith Middlebrook clowning around with Super Bowl Champion Jim Wheatherly of the Oakland Raiders who snapped the ball to Kenny Stabler.


Keith Middlebrook cuttin’ up with Legendary Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Henry Tillman
Keith Middlebrook and Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Charlie Joiner
Keith Middlebrook and Super Bowl Champion Ted “The Stork” Hendricks of the Oakland Raiders