Scott Storch – In Top Form.

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I found more photos with Super Producer Scott Storch in this Legendary Jam Session in Beverly Hills, CA. Pictured below: Suge Knight took me to  Scott Storch to discuss some “things”, in Beverly Hills California. Pictured below: On keyboards Scott Storch and Keith Middlebrook on guitar, Beverly Hills California. Scott Storch is a Record Breaking… Continue reading Scott Storch – In Top Form.

Lindsay Lohan “In my opinion……….Keith Middlebrook

Hi, my name is Keith Middlebrook. I am only going to answer this because whether I am at the gym or dining at a restaurant, everyone keeps asking me, so here it is “for the record”. However, I am warning you upfront, most  of you will not like the answer…..but I don’t care. To first put… Continue reading Lindsay Lohan “In my opinion……….Keith Middlebrook